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We are delighted to be one of only a handful of UK companies equipped with a Tryax™ horizontal wheel lathe with diamond-tipped milling tool.

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Book in advance and benefit from fast and dependable turnaround times on all alloy wheel repairs.

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We Repair

  • Diamond cut wheels
  • Machine finished wheels
  • Gloss finish wheels
  • Matt finish wheels
  • Anthracite wheels
  • Silver wheels
  • Gold wheels
  • Two-tone wheels
  • Large diameter wheels
  • Painted inners

Refurbishment Process

The alloy wheel refurbishment process

The cost of alloy wheel repair or wheel refurbishment is far lower than replacing one, but is by no means a compromise. Using industry leading processes, we achieve a finish which is as close as possible to the original factory finish, leaving your wheels looking their absolute best at a fraction of the cost of replacement.

We offer complete wheel refurbishment on most wheels including:

  • Diamond cut and machine finished wheels
  • Sports and prestige wheels
  • Gloss, matt and coloured wheels
  • Large diameter wheels up to 24" diameter
  • Standard alloy wheels

Working directly with franchised car and commercial vehicle dealers and vehicle owners, we have complete and total confidence in our ability to meet the most exacting standards. Read more about how we refurbish a wheel below, or contact us directly.

Diamond cut wheel refurbishment

  1. Initial assessment and no obligation quote

    Before work commences, a thorough inspection is carried out to assess the condition of the wheel. Diamond cutting involves removing or “recutting” a thin layer from the face and lip of the wheel using a specialist lathe cutting tool. We need to ensure that the wheel has not been cut too many times previously which can result in removal of too much metal from the wheel. Any extensively deep damage may mean that the wheel is too heavily damaged to be ‘re-cut’. Once we have completed the assessment process, we will advise you whether your wheels are suitable for this process and provide you with a quote.

  2. Preparation and aqua blasting

    Once we have your approval, we're ready to get started. After the wheels are removed from the vehicle and the tyres taken off, the first step is to thoroughly clean the wheel in the aqua blasting or vapour blasting cabinet. Vixen's Aqua Wheelblaster is designed to simultaneously wash, blast and etch alloy wheels in one simple step, ready for painting. Dry blast systems tend to be very abrasive and can cause damage to wheels, so we prefer wet blasting.

  3. Lathe cutting

    Once cleaned, the wheel is mounted on the CNC (computer numerical controlled) lathe so that the face of the wheel can be machined to achieve the metallic diamond cut pattern. The state of the art Tryax TY3040 lathe first probes the wheel before cutting away a thin layer of the surface.

  4. Lacquering and polishing

    Once the lathing process has finished, your newly diamond cut wheels are then lacquered to a high gloss or matt finish, cured and polished. Each wheel is carefully inspected to ensure that the finish is as close as possible to its original factory condition.

  5. Refitting wheels and tyres

    If we have the vehicle on site, we remount the tyre on the wheel using the correct equipment and procedure. The wheel and tyre assembly are balanced on a wheel balancing machine, and torqued to the proper torque. Should the vehicle be fitted with a Tyre Pressure Monitoring Systems (TPMS), then whenever possible this will be reset. Your vehicle will be ready to collect!

Alloy wheel repair and refurbishment

  1. Each wheel is individually inspected for cosmetic or even structural damage. An estimate is then calculated, including a full breakdown of costs together with recommendations for repair work.
  2. We begin by fully cleaning the wheel to remove all traces of grime and dirt. This will reveal the full extent of the damage and any hidden scratches to be repaired.
  3. We then carefully dry the wheel and mask off the tyre, to protect it during the repair process.
  4. The basic method of repair is to sand or file down any damaged areas. Any deeper marks, including kerb damage, can be filled with a special filler. Once cured, this is sanded again, ready for primer and paint application.
  5. We then apply a primer and multiple applications of paint, leaving adequate drying time between coats. The primer ensures a long and lasting bond to the alloy wheel surface.
  6. The wheel is then lacquered to a high gloss or matt finish, cured and polished, returned as close as possible to its original factory condition.

Customer collection

Because we're confident our service will produce nothing but outstanding, professional results, we are happy to stand by them with a final inspection on collection.

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Phone: 01865 847660
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