Powder Coating Process

Here at Oxmanor Alloys we firmly believe there is no superior finish than powder coating for alloy wheels, due to its durability. All our wheels are powder coated to provide the highest quality finish.

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Diamond Cutting Process

Diamond cutting involves removing a thin layer of alloy from the wheel using specialist lathing equipment. Our specialist equipment allows us to restore your wheels to their former glory.

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Refurbishment Process

The alloy wheel refurbishment process

The cost of alloy wheel repair or wheel refurbishment is far lower than replacing one, but is by no means a compromise. Using industry leading processes, we achieve a finish which is as close as possible to the original factory finish, leaving your wheels looking their absolute best at a fraction of the cost of replacement.

We offer complete wheel refurbishment on most wheels including:

  • Diamond cut and machine finished wheels
  • Sports and prestige wheels
  • Gloss, matt and coloured wheels
  • Large diameter wheels up to 24" diameter
  • Standard alloy wheels

Working directly with franchised car and commercial vehicle dealers and vehicle owners, we have complete and total confidence in our ability to meet the most exacting standards. Read more about how we refurbish a wheel below, or contact us directly.

Repair methods

Types of alloy wheel finishes vary greatly. Some of the most popular are:

Powder Coated – standard finish for most cars
Diamond Cut – high shine look commonly used by manufacturers to highlight their top of the range models

These finishes can be combined. Many wheels, whether they are diamond cut or powder coated, have a lacquer applied to them during the finishing process in order to guard against corrosion.

Oxmanor Alloys offer a refurbishment service for all types of wheels but specialise in powder coated and diamond cut wheels.

Diamond cut wheels have a powder coat base so the repair process for both types is very similar. There are some extra processes for diamond cut wheels.

Customer collection

Because we're confident our service will produce nothing but outstanding, professional results, we are happy to stand by them with a final inspection on collection.

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Why Oxmanor Alloys?

  • Specialist diamond-tipped cutting technology
  • Advanced powder coating process
  • Far superior finish to smart or mobile repairs
  • Hard-wearing factory-standard finish
  • Preferred by main dealers across the Southwest
  • 100's of wheels repaired every week