Diamond Cutting Process

1. Initial assessment and no obligation quote

Before work commences, a thorough inspection is carried out to assess the condition of the wheel. Once we have completed the assessment process, we will advise you off your best options and provide you with a quote.

2. Preparation, stripping and aqua blasting

Once we have your approval, we're ready to get started. After the wheels are removed from the vehicle and the tyres taken off, the first step is to thoroughly clean the wheel in the aqua blasting or vapour blasting cabinet. An Aqua Wheelblaster is used to simultaneously wash, blast and etch alloy wheels in one simple step, ready for painting. Dry blast systems tend to be very abrasive and can cause damage to wheels, so we prefer wet blasting. The wheels will be chemically stripped prior to blasting.

3. Rim repairs

If there is damage to the rims or the face (denting, cracking, and buckling) that can be safely repaired, we carry out those repairs.

4. Primer coat and debriding

Next the wheels are gently heat treated to remove any air from the alloy and a powder coat primer is applied and then cured for a set time period. An inspection is carried out and any imperfections in the primer coat will be rectified through a debridement process.

5. Powder coating

The next step is to paint the wheel in the colour of your choice. The wheels are also automatically subjected to a further thermal treatment.

6. Lathe cutting

Once cured the wheels are allowed to cool before they are mounted on the CNC (computer numerical controlled) lathe so that the face of the wheel can be machined to achieve the diamond cut finish. Our state of the art Tryax TY3040 lathe first probes the wheel before cutting away a thin layer of the surface.

7. Final protective lacquer and curing

A final clear coat protective lacquer is applied and the wheel is returned to the oven for final curing. The lacquer coat is not only applied to enhance the finish but to protect the alloy wheel against environmental influences (UV radiation, salt, moisture, dirt, etc.). The alloy wheel repair is now complete!

8. Refitting wheels and tyres

If we have the vehicle on site, we remount the tyre on the wheel using the correct equipment and procedure. The wheel and tyre assembly are balanced on a wheel balancing machine, and torqued to the proper torque. Should the vehicle be fitted with a Tyre Pressure Monitoring Systems (TPMS), then whenever possible this will be reset. Your vehicle will be ready to collect!

Why Oxmanor Alloys?

  • Specialist diamond-tipped cutting technology
  • Advanced powder coating process
  • Far superior finish to smart or mobile repairs
  • Hard-wearing factory-standard finish
  • Preferred by main dealers across the Southwest
  • 100's of wheels repaired every week